Key Takeaways from UK Tech Week 24

Rebecca Jones, Associate Partner and lead on digital and technologies at McLean Public, shares her key takeaways from UK Tech Week 24.

The UK’s pathway to becoming a science and technology superpower is one of the key takeaway from London Tech Week 2024 this week. With 45,000 attendees from 146 counties, London Tech Week 2024 is the UK’s biggest tech festival by far

This year unsurprisingly, AI was a central theme, with discussions on ethical implications, real-world impacts and regulatory challenges. The convergence of AI with other technologies was highlighted as a transformative force across a range of industries.

There was also an emphasis on the continuing importance of cybersecurity, data privacy and proactive solutions to addressing emerging threats. The integration of digital identity and data security practices were seen as crucial for maintaining resilience in the digital world.

How technology can drive sustainability and green innovation was also showcased with discussions on eco-solutions, circular economy and the role of technology in helping to grow a more sustainable world.

Tech Week wouldn’t be a proper Tech Week without a central focus on empowering entrepreneurship, and there was a significant platform for startups and scaleups, offering opportunities for networking, investment and showcasing innovative solutions.

Underpinning all of this were powerful panel sessions and conversations on how technology can help to drive positive social change, enhance inclusion and create sustainable solutions. With recent data suggesting that there has been a surprising drop in the proportion of women working in engineering and technology in the UK from 16.5% to 15/7% between 2022 and 2023 (a reduction of 38,000 women working in the field in 2024), the importance of making tech careers accessible to more women and underrepresented groups is ever more paramount – a subject, of course, close to McLean Public’s heart!

Overall, London Tech Week 2024 was a comprehensive and far-reaching showcase of technology and innovation. It encourages collaboration to address global challenges and celebrates the future of technology. Here’s to the next one.

If you’re struggling to diversify your organisation’s workforce, please get in touch as this is something McLean Public can support you with.

Rebecca Jones

Associate Partner



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