Creating and ensuring a diverse and inclusive regeneration sector

McLean Public’s Rebecca Rampat shares some thoughts and looks forward to UKREiiF 2024

The regeneration, property, and real estate sectors are pivotal in fostering community cohesion, stimulating economic development, and driving forward sustainable urban environments throughout the UK. Nonetheless, the lack of diversity in leadership roles in these sectors poses a significant challenge, and has done for some time.

Recently, the regeneration sector (in its broadest sense) has made great strides in embracing diversity as it continues to expand and invest in the sector’s future, and in doing so enhancing innovation, creativity, and community impact. As the regeneration sector maximises the opportunities in doing so, it positions itself for a future marked by inclusive excellence and transformative community development. By nurturing an inclusive culture, championing diverse leadership, employing strategic recruitment strategies, investing in education and training, providing flexible work arrangements, showcasing impactful projects, and supporting networking and mentoring initiatives, the sector can cultivate an environment that not only draws in diverse talent but also nurtures growth and success as well as serving as an example for other sectors.

This year at McLean Public we are excited to share that we will be holding a roundtable session at UKREiiF 2024 in Leeds in this May. UKREiiF serves as a dynamic platform connecting individuals, locations, and enterprises to drive acceleration. It has emerged as a pivotal event in the sector  featuring a thought-provoking programme designed to foster connections among people, places, and businesses, unlocking sustainable, inclusive, and transformative investments.

UKREiiF 24 will bring together key participants such as regional combined authorities, local authorities, Government departments, major developers, and international investors from both the UK and abroad. The conference is set to unite prominent figures, influencers, and decision-makers in the investment and real estate sectors, fostering new connections to stimulate economic growth through regeneration and development.

That’s why we are delighted to be hosting our roundtable discussion on the 22nd of May 2024, starting at 11 am, focusing on the topic: “Creating and ensuring a diverse and inclusive regeneration sector”.  This round table session looks at best practice across the UK as well as discussing the opportunities ahead for the sector in ensuring it attracts and retains the diverse talent it needs. We have assembled an outstanding panel comprising professionals from, local government, government bodies, housing, real estate, and more who will share insights on how we can collectively make the regeneration sector more inclusive and diverse.

Were looking forward to seeing you there!

If you’re struggling to diversify your organisation’s workforce, please get in touch as this is something McLean Public can support you with.

Rebecca Rampat

Associate Partner



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